Finding Aid for Vertical Files

The Vertical File List 1

American legion bldg

Annexations 1950s

Anniversary & Birthday (Brea) Celebrations

Architecture in Brea


Art Gallery

Art in Public Places

Barns, Ralph


Basse, Dick 

Brea Beat, People Stories, More People Stories & Brea Opinion

Brea & the Bicentennial

Brea Business

Brea Churches, Congregational, Baptist, Calvary, Methodist, Christian, Catholic

Brea Cinderella Town

Brea City

Brea City (chamber of commerce)

Brea City Council Meeting

Brea City Development –

Brea Mall Development  

Brea Redevelopment

Good old Brea

Preservation Concerns Heritage Block

            Heritage Block

            Shaping the Downtown(Work Shop & Idea Fare1997)

Brea City Pioneer Hall

Brea Civic Cultural Center

Brea community history project

Brea Country Fair & Fireworks

Brea Foundation

Brea Garage (Central)

Brea Historical Society

Brea History Revisited

Brea Articles on early Days

Brea Hotel

Brea Houses

            Sievers House

            Redwood St

Mud House/Dr Jackson

Brea Land Marks—Brea Welcomes you sign & old clock

Brea Lions club

Brea Nike Base, Brea Nike Base as researched by Brian Saul

Brea Police dept., Crime

Brea Recreational classes

Brea Schools

Brea High School, BOHS Old, BOHS New, Old Brea HS Home Coming

Practice House


Olinda School

Brea Theater

            Red Lantern, Curtice

Brea Volunteer, Brea Youth Volunteers, Breal Volunteer Effort, HBIC

Brea Water & Citrus

Brea Water-MWD

Brea Water-Sewer

Brea Youth org

Boy Scouts

Boys and girls club

Girl Scouts

Youth Sports

Brea’s 50th Jubilee

Brea’s 75th Jubilee 1992

            Brea Celebrating 75 yr Book

            Jubilee 8k run

            Home tour 92

            Jubilee – Grove Arovista Park

Jubilee News Articles

Jubilee – Time Capsule

Jubilee Bus Tour

Jubilee Parade

Burrill, Frank

Carbon Canyon

Carbon Canyon Park

Carlson Emil former Mayor

Casa Brea Inn on Est. Ash

Christo’s umbrella

City Parks

            Tri-City Park

Arovista Park

Craig Park


Community Center

Council Grove

Craig, Mr. Ted

Craig, Peggy

Curtis, Naming of Theatre, Letters, Display, Memories, Death, St. Jude

Dyer Bennett (Mr. Brea}

Duplicates (Oil-Simple Homes Built During The Oil Heyday)

Early aviation in Brea, Dexter Martin, Airmail, Biger Johnson, Eddie Martin

Earthquake (33) and Floods


Events in Brea past

Fanning, Carl

Fire department

Fires in Brea –Tank Farm, Canyon Fire 1980, North Brea Hills & Rubber Co

Flood Control

Golf Courses

Harts Products

Hicks, Norma

Isles, Ron


Johnson, Walter

Jones, Randy

Key Ranch

Kinsler Family History

Kirk Hill

Ku Klux Klan

            Brea Pioneer Klan Members


Log Cabin


Mayor’s Balls



Millen, Dean

MJB Boxcar (City use permit for railroad box car at 200 West Imperial)


Movies and Brea


Oil, Union Oil, Puente Wells, Shell Oil, Union Research Center

Oil Company- (C.C.M.O.) Chanslor Canfield Midway

Oil Derrick Model

Oil Display Exhibits

Oil Fields National Bank in Brea

Oil, Old Leases

Oil Lease Houses

Oil Oranges-OP, Oil Box Labels, Orange Crate Labels

Old City Hall

Olinda Heights

Olinda Picnics


Oral Histories, Personal & Points of Interest (By Inez Fanning)

Oral History Interviews

Oral History Survey

Orange 57 Freeway researched by Brian Saul

Orange County

Peterkim, Ed

Photos, Misc Old

Plantoni, Leo

Portora, Explorers & Indians

Post Office

Prehistoric Era

Rancho Era

Randolph City of

Raynoso, Cruz

Red car gil (1982)

Red cars & Depot

Rider, Jack POW

Rotary Club

Sam’s Place

Schwartz, Clarence

Senior citizens, Tlc, Club for Seniors, Senior organization


Shaffer Tool Works

Shaffer Memorial Fountain & Organ Rededication

Shaffer- Shafco-Donald

Shopping Center (Not the mall)

Sister city – Lagos de Moreno

Sorortismist,  Sorortismist Club

Sphere of Influence

Streets/Roads—Naming of streets, Imperial Hwy

Tonner Canyon


Trees, Pepper Trees

Wedin, Wayne

Williams, Rosalie

Women’s Club House