Centennial “Foto Fest”

How did you celebrate the Centennial?

Brea celebrated its 100th Birthday on February 23, 2017, and the feeling of nostalgia is still in the air. There have been parties, articles, and an increased interest in Brea’s History from young and old alike.
How did you celebrate the Centennial? Did you attend the picnic or march in the parade? Did you attend the Angels game? Were you at the Birthday party at City Hall?
Your memories are part of our collective history and we’d love to help preserve them.
The Brea Historical Society has created a Community Photo Album where these special memories can be shared and enjoyed by all.
Participation in this historic program is easy. Simply download the guidelines and information form and then upload the completed form with your photos below.
Don’t worry if this sounds too technical. We are also offering free “hands-on” workshops at the Museum every third Saturday of the month from 11am – 2pm.
Our first workshop will be Saturday August 19th and every third Saturday thereafter.
So dig out your photos, come to the museum, and add your memories to Brea’s Centennial Legacy!